Check Out The Gorgeous Las Vegas Casino Deutsche Bank Owns

Cosmopolitan Casino

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Wall Street has often been referred to as a casino, but one bank actually owns a Las Vegas casino.Deutsche Bank’s portfolio includes the $3.9 billion Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, which the bank finished building after the developer defaulted on their loans.

Unfortunately, the U.S. gambling capital has been hit hard by the recession.

The good news is plane tickets to Vegas are cheap, so if you’re looking to take a trip to Sin City, this new casino looks like an awesome place to party. (Corey Deshon shared his photos with us.)

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, a luxury resort and casino, opened in December 2010.

It features 2,995 rooms, a large casino, three swimming pools, bars and lounges, restaurants and retail space.

The casino is 300,000 square feet and it features 10 different table games and of course plenty of slot machines.

Some of the table games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and ultimate Texas hold 'em, just to name a few.

There are rows of slot machines, too. Notice a prize car sitting on top of the machines in the background.

The Bond lounge and bar offers LED art, live performances and music.

Bond's trendy bar is great for dancing and it has a DJ.

The Queue Bar is located near the heart of the casino floor.

The bar looks like it has a '70s vibe to it.

Here's a shot of the alcohol.

There's plenty of seating for lounging with friends. It's also near the Marquee night club.

The Marquee night club offers 62,000 square feet of space to party. It's open from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

The ceilings in the Marquee are 50-feet tall.

The Chandelier is a tri-story bar that's open 24 hours a day. The bottom of The Chandelier is in the middle of the casino.

The second floor, which is enshrouded by the massive crystal chandelier, is a cocktail lounge.

The top floor of The Chandelier is a lounge.

Seriously, don't you want to drink inside a giant chandelier?

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas brings in a variety of entertainment. This week they are having a Foster The People show.

To enhance their guests' experience, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has commissioned a variety of artwork.

There's plenty of shopping at the casino and resort. Some stores include Stitched, Monogram, All Saints Spitalfields and Droog.

All Saints is a 10,000 square foot retail shop at the hotel and casino resort.

Imagine the kind of party your bank could throw there...

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