Detroiters Learn Italian To Prepare For Fiat Takeover

Remember the movie Breaking Away? It’s the one about the kid in Bloomington, IN who’s obsessed with cycling and Italian culture, as he strives to emulate his favourite racers.

It appears that the scene in Detroit and its suburbs is emulating that movie, as the locals prepare for the Fiat invasion.

Bloomberg: Karen Daskas, owner of a women’s fashion shop called Tender, said she carries Chrissie Morris high-heeled sandals — original price $1,595; now $795.50 — that might appeal to Italian expatriates from Fiat SpA. A few doors away, jeweler Gary Astreins said that “new blood” should bring new jobs to an ailing economy. Next year, students at a local public high school may be able to study Italian.

“I’m preparing to work for the relocation of Fiat’s executives,” said Carolyn Bowen-Keating of Weir Manuel Realtors in Birmingham. “I’m organising a presentation of our services at the Italian consulate in Detroit.”

It’s touching in a way, but do you remember the end of Breaking Away? It turned out the Italian cyclists were cheats and the kid had his dreams dashed. Let’s hope the Fiat-Chrysler saga doesn’t end in similar disappointment.

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