Detroit Tigers player gave his own fans the middle finger when they booed him for flubbing a fly ball

Tyler Collins bird

Detroit Tigers center fielder Tyler Collins flipped his own fans the bird on Monday night after they booed him for dropping a routine fly ball. Not great, Tyler!

In the sixth inning against the A’s, Collins lost an easy fly ball in the stadium lights and missed it by a couple feet. Then, he and Justin Upton both flubbed the simple act of retrieving the ball off the ground and throwing it into the infield, allowing A’s hitter Marcus Semien to easily reach third. 

Some Detroit fans booed Collins for the error, which didn’t sit well with him. Cameras caught him giving the finger to a wide stretch of his own fans, and offering them some colourful language under his breath.


It’s one thing to get upset with visiting fans, especially as an outfielder who has to listen to the constant yapping of fans in the bleachers for a few hours. But it’s another thing entirely to flip off your own fans, who paid money to see you play. 

Collins was remorseful after the game:

When Zim’s (Zimmermann) cruising, and we’ve got a 6-0 lead, nobody wants that ball to get lost less than me. Nobody does. That hurts. And to be at home, and to hear boos after that play, hit a trigger inside of me, and I lashed out — completely inappropriately. I’m absolutely embarrassed that it happened, and I’m sorry to everyone in Detroit.

I want you guys to understand that I love this team, and I want to win, and so when we come home and get booed, it’s tough to swallow. But like I said, I apologise completely. I’m embarrassed in myself. I know my family’s embarrassed in me. I’m sure these guys are, too. I’m just sorry it happened.

Collins is currently batting .100 for the Tigers. A few hits here and there would probably help get back in the fans’ good graces.

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