About That Tour Of 48208: America’s Cheapest Zip Code

woodbridge detroit

[credit provider=”jbcurio via Flickr” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbcurio/3810372526/”]

A few months back, after writing about the U.S. zip codes where housing prices were cheaper, I decided to take a closer look at the “cheapest” zip code on the list, 48208, in Detroit.That article recently got a mention on Curbed–and a much longer response on Detroiturbex–so I’d like to address a few points.

First, I never intended to insult the neighbourhood. On the converse, I wanted to give our readers a glimpse at the flip side of the “most expensive” zip code, which I’d written a similar story about a few weeks earlier. Since that zip code, in Alpine, NJ, is a suburb of New York City, I was able to go and visit one weekend.

I know Detroit has some beautiful and historic parts (though no, I haven’t had the chance to visit), and I only intended to give readers some facts and details about the specific neighbourhood where home prices were lowest at the time I was writing.

Which brings me to the use of Google Street View. Yes, this piece might have been more accurately called a Google Street View Tour Of 48208. Unfortunately I can’t possibly get to all the places I want to write about with my point-and-shoot, and so I’ve found Google Street View to be a great tool for armchair travel. The images in the Detroit tour from Street View (not all of them are) are labelled as such.

Coincidentally, around the time this story resurfaced, Business Insider actually had a reporter in Detroit at the Detroit Auto Show. Reporter Travis Okulski has been reporting from the event this week and has some great insight into what’s on display; check out his coverage here.

And for a much less depressing tour of 48208, check out some other photos of the neighbourhood on Curbed.