13 Detroit Houses You Can Buy For Less Than $100

$1 Detroit Home

Detroit’s median home sale price is around $25,200, which is a huge jump from earlier in the year, when rock bottom was at $17,000 (though way down from it’s 2006 peak of $83,00).

But you can buy a house for cheaper than that. A ton cheaper, in fact.

Wayne County treasury officials are going door-to-door striking controversial deals with whomever is living inside about 1,500 of the more than 6,000 tax-foreclosed properties, according to Christine MacDonald of The Detroit News.

Even though last year’s unpaid property taxes total $17.6 million, the city says it prefers occupied homes to unsold lots and is willing to sell the properties for as little as $500. 

The county treasury hasn’t made the list of properties available to the public yet since it’s attempting to first visit a majority of the homes that it believes to be occupied, MacDonald says.  

In the meantime, we found at least 13 homes (and one retail space) that you can buy for less than $100. With some deals in the single digits, we posit that these are some of the cheapest houses you can find in America. 

A lot from a demolished house on Cloverdale St.

Price: $1

Square feet: 3,484 (lot size)

This severely fire-damaged house is still standing, but will be demolished.

A 3-bedroom brick bungalow on Indiana St.

Price: $1

Square feet: 1,434

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $24,600. The price was reduced $49 last December. The single family home also has a full basement.

A single family 3-bedroom on Garland St.

Price: $1

Square feet: 1,244

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $28,800. It features a large living room and a one-car garage.

A single family 3-bedroom home on Hartford St.

Price: $1

Square feet: 859

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $22,200.

A severely fire-damaged 3-bedroom ranch on Parkside St.

Price: $1

Square feet: 704

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $23,700. This house last sold in July 2003 for $20,000.

A single family two-bedroom on Forestlawn St.

Price: $25

Square feet: 1,200

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $25,000. It was recently listed.

A fire-damaged brick apartment on Nottingham Rd.

Price: $25

Square feet: 1,755

This house last sold in October 2008 for $12,000. The price has increased $1 since Dec. 16, 2011.

A fire-damaged 2-bedroom home on Virgil St.

Price: $50

Square feet: 900

A fire-damaged ranch-style home on Rockdale St.

Price: $50

Square feet: 695

A fire-damaged brick bungalow on Glenwood St.

Price: $75

Square feet: 862

A 3-bedroom home on West Chicago St.

Price: $50

Square feet: 972

A 3-bedroom home on Evanston St.

Price: $75

Square feet: 1,081

A single family fire-damaged home on Springwells St.

Price: $94

Square feet: 1,104

Zillow estimates this home's worth at $37,700. This house last sold in July 2006 for $110,00.

BONUS: Retail space on Michigan Ave next to an oil change station

Price: $14

Square feet: 3,000

Zillow estimates this property's worth at $175,600. It was recently listed.

The city is also offering incentives to lure residents back to abandoned neighborhoods

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