Detroit Economy – Robocop Statue In Detroit

I’ve been saying it for years and years, “If my hometown ever decides to put up a statue of Robocop, I’m leaving”.

I moved to New Jersey this last week.

Well, its finally happened, Detroit is getting a giant statue of Robocop that will somehow signify the city’s resilience in the face of adversity ( adversity that has lasted 60 years with no end in sight, or even a coherent plan to slow the decline). Bjork’s husband will be building it! Say whaaaaaaaat!?!?! OHH snap!……….Wait. Who is Bjork’s husband? And who the heck is Bjork?!

I realise art is in the eye of the beholder, and art has no definition. I get that. But this isn’t art, nor does Robocop represent what these people think he does. He was a cyborg built by an evil corporation to begin their take over of desolate Detroit, in hopes of tearing it down to replace it with Delta city. Please rewatch the movie.While Detroiters rejoice in their artistic triumph that will last forever, residents from every other major US city, and Canada too, will probably have a good chuckle.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Bro, you gotta let people express themselves, bro”. Well, here it is, I’m from Detroit and can’t change that, nor would I ever want to. But this statue, by association, now represents me, not just the sci-fi club who paid for it. Its represents every Detroiter, not just the 1500 dingleberrys that got excited and pooled their money. If I pay for a giant statue of Stone Cold Steve Austin and place it on public property is that OK? The 3:16 Man was tough, don’t forget that. He battled in the face of adversity too, but somehow I doubt millions of other people will want that statue to represent them. A guy in cutoff jean shorts, slugging beers shouldn’t be the face of a city. And a half robot, half man that eats a poo-like substance shouldn’t be either.

I have an idea. Take the $50,000+ the statue will cost, and hire two teachers, or one police officer for the city. But if you’re set on building statues here’s a couple ideas: Henry Ford, Steve Yzerman, Mike Illitch, a tribute to Motown…..

Great movie, dumbbbbb statue.

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