DETROIT AUTO SHOW: The Falcon F7 Is The All-American Supercar You’ve Never Heard Of

Falcon F7 Detroit Auto Show

[credit provider=”Travis Okulski / Business Insider”]

One car that impressed us on the show floor at Cobo Hall was something that we never heard of before.The Falcon F7 is a mid-engined, American designed, boutique supercar.

It is not intended to break speed records like America’s SSC Ultimate Aero or Tuatura, but is instead an aggressive ultra-high performance machine that can run with the best on the track or street.

The chassis is based on a race design from Michigan’s SuperLite.

Power comes from GM’s LS7 V8, which usually pulls duty in the Corvette Z06. In the Falcon the LS7 is producing 115 more horsepower to give it a total of 620.

At just under 2,800 pounds, the carbon fibre F7 is not quite as light as it looks. Still, it is not that heavy and can rocket to 60 in about 3.5 seconds.

Falcon F7 Detroit Auto Show

As a small manufacturer, Falcon’s output will not be high. Starting this year, they only expect to produce about seven of these limited production rides.

Depending on demand, production will build with output possibly even doubling. Falcon has not released an official price yet, but look for this car to be in the $200,00 to $250,000 range when it goes on sale.

No matter what, the F7 was definitely an unexpected and welcome addition to the show.

Full disclosure: We would not be able to attend without Ford, who offered to fly us to Detroit and grant us access to the show as well as their design studios.

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