DETROIT AUTO SHOW: The 2013 Ford Fusion Shows Off Its Hot New Body

2013 Ford Fusion

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If you just bought a new Ford Fusion, we feel really sorry for you.Ford’s bread and butter midsize sedan is going to be all new for 2013 and it simply looks amazing.

The body is a bold departure from the current Fusion and also showcases the new design language for the Ford brand moving forward.

The new design takes clear inspiration from the EVOS concept car that appeared at the Geneva Show and there also appears to be a definite Aston Martin influence in the grill and lights.

The Fusion also eschews the top of the line V6 for a group of four cylinder engines. Two of these will be turbocharged EcoBoost units: a new 1.6 liter as well as a 2.0 liter that is expected to put out 250 horsepower. Not too shabby for a small family car.

2013 Ford Fusion Interior

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In addition to gas options, there are now two hybrid models. The first, a traditional hybrid, can go up to 62 MPH without assistance from the gas engine and achieves up to 47 MPG in the city.

The second, the Fusion Energi, is a plug-in that is expected to achieve over 100 MPGe. In other words, that’s better mileage than either the Chevy Volt or the Toyota Prius Plug-In.

The interior appears to be a big step up as well, with a Sony stereo, three spoke wheel, and what look to be high quality materials. 

We’ll see more of the Fusion tomorrow when the 2012 Detroit Auto Show opens to the press.

Full disclosure: We would not be able to attend without Ford, who offered to fly us to Detroit and grant us access to the show as well as their design studios.

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