Police Found A Training Manual For Snipers In Jeffrey Johnson's Apartment

empire state shooting

Photo: hollybdc/Instagram

When detectives searched Empire State Building gunman Jeffrey Johnson’s apartment over the weekend they not only found that he made it clear he wasn’t coming back but also that he was being asked to leave the apartment.Johnson, 58, was shot to death by police Friday after he opened fire on an ex-colleague. Johnson reportedly believed Steven Ercolino, the victim, was responsible for him losing his job.

When New York Police Department detectives searched Johnson’s Upper East Side apartment Sunday, they discovered Johnson apparently knew he wasn’t coming back, Reuters reported Sunday.

“He left the keys in an envelope for the landlord with no intention of ever coming back,” a police source told Reuters.

Police also found in the apartment a plastic case with 15 rounds of the same ammunition used in Friday’s shooting as well as books on training and fighting.

One of the books was titled “Techniques and Equipment of the Deadly Marksmen Snipers,” according to Reuters.

While the New York Post reported Johnson was being evicted, he was actually a sub-leaser who was being asked to leave the apartment while it was being renovated by the owner, FoxNews.com reported Monday.

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