The film 'Detective Pikachu' ends with two major twists. We broke them down.

Warner Bros.‘Detective Pikachu’ has two major twists at the end.

“Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” came out in theatres on May 10. The first live-action Pokémon movie is a great ride for fans of the franchise. However, there are a couple of wild plot twists that might leave some viewers scratching their heads by the end.

We broke down both below. Spoilers ahead for the movie.

That Ditto twist is excellent fan service

The first of the “Detective Pikachu” twists occurs during the climax of the film. The classic villain finds Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) confronting the mega-corp CEO Howard Clifford (Bill Nighy) in his office as he possesses the all-powerful Mewtwo. In a closet, Tim finds Howard’s son Roger all tied up.

Throughout the movie, Roger is seen as the biggest force of evil, mostly in the form of being a huge jerk. As head of the media conglomerate GNN that Tim’s pal Lucy (Kathryn Newton) works for, he is dismissive of her story ideas. And generally, he is believed to be the big bad until the reveal that his father is behind it all.

This moment is immediately followed by another Robert appearing, transforming into another nameless villain we’ve seen in the movie, and then transforming into a Ditto, the blob Pokémon that takes the shape of others. This twist is minor in comparison to the final twist but is so much more important to Pokémon fans. Howard is behind the scheme the whole time, not with help from his son, but with help from his Pokémon that can clone itself.

It’s a fun plot moment that is supported by a Pokémon’s iconic ability. And before you go asking the question, “can Ditto even take the form of a person?” there is a side quest in “Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon” where the player tracks down and fights Dittos disguised as humans. However, in the quest, they can’t speak and only say their own name, a dead giveaway they are still Pokémon.

Even if this was the first we’d seen of Ditto taking the form of a human, it would make sense given the plot’s focus on Howard’s genetic experiments with humans and Pokémon that ultimately leads to the second twist.

The second twist explains what happens to Tim’s dad

Detective pikachuWarner Bros.It turns out Tim was talking to his dad the whole time.

In “Detective Pikachu,” Tim is searching for his father. His death, which conveniently wasn’t a death after all, kicked off the whole journey. In the scene right after the climax, we see what happened.

Tim’s father Harry was hot on the trail of Howard Clifford and his genetic experiments with Pokémon. In a near-fatal car crash, Harry and his Pikachu, the detective one, are saved by Mewtwo. Harry is on the verge of death, so Mewtwo puts Harry’s consciousness into his Pikachu and then wiping the Pikachu’s memory. Unknowingly, Tim is talking to his dad the whole time he’s been talking to Pikachu – which is most scenes in this movie.

Ultimately, this does, in fact, explain where Howard’s ideas were coming from, and the power he gained from Mewtwo. However, it is a bit of a wild twist that leaves a lot of the emotional arc of Tim dealing with his father’s death still unresolved.

Mewtwo grants Harry the right to live again – or something like that – and the final scene of the movie is a digitally aged Ryan Reynolds as Harry Goodman, finally reunited with his son. It seems odd that Tim could not recognise his own father’s voice as Pikachu, but it’s a happy ending nonetheless.

It’s a wild, unexpected ending that doesn’t really jive with the rest of the movie, but it will get people talking.

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