Motorola accidentally leaked almost everything about its incredibly cheap new smartphone

The Moto G is one of the best low-cost phones on the market, offering excellent specs and decent build quality for a dirt cheap price. (I should know, I own one.) The latest model is expected to be announced next week, The Verge reports, but there won’t be any surprises: The company has accidentally leaked almost all its details online.

A customisation page apparently added to Motorola’s website in error spells out exactly what we should expect in the third-generation Moto G, from a choice of metallic accenting to two choices for internal storage. We’ve reached out to Motorola for comment and will update when it responds.

The Verge adds that a second leak, this one from a Portuguese retailer releasing an advert early, appears to have revealed yet more details of the unannounced smartphone.

Here’s what the leaks claim:

  • It will come with 2GB of RAM — twice that of the iPhone 6.
  • Internal storage will be either 8 or 16GB, depending on model.
  • The processor will be a quad-core snapdragon, but there’s no word on exact clock speed.
  • There’s a choice of two colours for the front housing — black and white — and ten choices for the rear housing: Cherry, Cabernet, Blue, Raspberry, Turquoise, Black, Gold Yellow, White, Lime, and Navy. Like previous Moto G models, these backs will be removable and interchangeable.
  • There’s also a choice of 10 metallic “accents”: Light chrome, blue, red, lemon lime, dark chrome, champagne, black, orange, violet, and pink.
  • It boasts an “HD” Gorilla Glass display.
  • The rear camera will be 13 megapixels, with a 5 megapixel camera on the front for selfies. (The iPhone 6’s cameras are 8 and 1.2 megapixels, but when it comes to image quality, megapixels aren’t everything.)
  • It will be water-resistant.

Yet another retailer leak claims to show how the device will look. Here’s a photo, via Tech Advisor:

And here’s a shot of how the devices will look with various back and metal accents, via respected leaker Evan Blass:

All in all, not bad at all for a budget smartphone. There’s no word on the exact price, but there’s also no reason to expect it will retail for significantly more than the current model, which goes for £126 in the UK and $US180 in the US.

Here’s a screenshot of the customisation page that revealed some of the details:

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