11 details from Miss Universe 2019 that you totally missed

Some accessories had a special meaning. VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images
  • The 2019 Miss Universe pageant was held at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday.
  • Many thought Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner for the costume portion, but he didn’t.
  • Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey misspoke during her speech.
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On Sunday, Miss Universe held its 68th pageant at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

But before the winner Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi received her crown, a number of interesting moments and small mishaps occurred.

Here are 11 details you probably didn’t notice during Miss Universe 2019.

Miss USA’s dress looked like one from a 2000 movie.

Miss USA (left) and Sandra Bullock in ‘Miss Congeniality’ (right). Miss Universe/Castle Rock Entertainment

Miss USA Cheslie Kryst rocked a golden Statue of Liberty-inspired gold dress during the costume portion of the preliminaries.

But as some pointed out, it looked quite similar to the Statue of Liberty Costume that Sandra Bullock’s character competed in during the pageant movie “Miss Congeniality” (2000).

Many thought Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner for the costume portion, but he didn’t.

Steve Harvey interviewing Miss Malaysia, who did not actually win the costume contest. Paras Griffin/Getty Images

During the show, Steve Harvey, the host of the pageant, announced that Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados won the costume portion of the competition.

But immediately after, he interviewed Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon which caused some confusion as she and others thought she’d won.

It seemed to be a history-repeating moment, seeing as Harvey had incorrectly named Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez as the Miss Universe winner instead of Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach in 2015.

But as a representative for the Miss Universe Organisation confirmed to Insider, Harvey said the correct name and Ganados did win best costume.

Miss Philippines had long silver nails to top off her national costume.

Miss Philippines at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. Patrick Prather/Miss Universe

Ganados, who ended up winning the costume challenge with her show-stopping silver dress, really nailed the details of her look.

The 23-year-old’s outfit included bird accessories, a dramatic skirt, an ornate headpiece, and long silver nails that were pointed, just like the faux feathers on her gown.

Miss Malaysia’s costume actually had food on it.

The food is a nod to Peranakan culture. Patrick Prather/Miss Universe

Sekhon didn’t win the costume contest, but her outfit was covered in intricate details – it included a table that actually had food on it.

The 22-year-old model and hockey player explained to Harvey that her costume is meant to pay tribute to Malaysia’s Peranakan culture by featuring trays of Peranakan food.

More than one of Miss USA’s looks involved animal print.

She rocked both zebra print and snakeskin. Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images, Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

It seemed like Kryst opted to make some of her looks throughout the competition cohesive using animal print.

The 28-year-old attorney, television host, and fashion blogger rocked a jumpsuit that had a zebra print on the top during the top-10 reveal. She also wore a snakeskin bikini during the swimsuit portion of the competition.

The colours of Miss South Africa’s winning dress have a special meaning.

For Miss Universe contestants, fashion is a way to convey personality to the judges and audience. Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Tunzi, winner of the overall Miss Universe 2019 competition, said that the colours of her evening-wear gown held a very special meaning.

In her voiceover, she said that the brown represented the ground at home and the blue represented the ocean. She said that by wearing the dress she felt like South Africa was on the stage with her.

Miss Laos’ costume had a sign hidden in it.

Miss Laos at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. Patrick Prather/Miss Universe

Miss Loas Vichitta Phonevilay made a statement on the runway by walking inside of an elephant puppet.

But the ornate costume wasn’t the only thing that made a statement during her presentation.

In a quick moment, she also opened up the side of the animal structure to reveal a sign that read, “Stop Fire Save Amazon.”

Miss Philippines’ sash fell during the evening-wear intro.

She handled it like a pro. Fox

Before the evening-wear competition on Sunday night, contestants went on stage to dance with musician Ally Brooke.

During the walking portion of the musical number, Ganados had a slight mishap, as her sash fell from her shoulders and hung around her arms.

Miss Philippines handled it gracefully and continued to smile and walk through it.

Miss Tanzania was actually barefoot during the costume competition.

Miss Tanzania at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. Patrick Prather/Miss Universe

During the competition, Miss Tanzania Shubila Stanton, a 23-year-old climate change champion, rocked a detailed ensemble complete with three-dimensional wooden figures.

The ornate gown looked almost like armour but Stanton kept her footwear simple. Instead of wearing a pair of heels like other contestants, she opted to go barefoot.

Miss Universe 2018 misspoke during her farewell speech.

She recovered quickly. Fox

During her farewell interview with Steve Harvey, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Grey misspoke.

Her advice to the remaining finalists was to remember why they were there and who they were representing. But instead of telling them to “hold their head high,” she told them to “hold their hair high.”

Fortunately, she quickly recovered.

The gold accessory Miss Universe 2018 wore during her final walk has a special meaning and significance.

The hand accessory that Miss Universe 2018 wore during her final walk is a nod to her pageant past. VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

During her final walk as Miss Universe, Grey wore a gold cuff that she said she designed herself.

She later pointed out the piece on Instagram, writing that it was a nod to her country, the Philippines, and a follow-up to the sparkling earcuffs she wore when she competed in Miss Universe last year.

“Throughout my journey I’ve always wanted to carry a piece of my country. After designing my earcuff, it came time for the final piece,” she wrote.

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