The next 'Destiny' expansion is coming in September, and it looks pretty terrifying

Destiny oryxBungieThis is Oryx, the Hive King that will be hunting you when ‘The Taken King’ drops in September.

“Destiny,” from Bungie, the makers of “Halo,” was one of the most anticipated games of the decade. And now, after two expansion packs with the second one launching just last month, Bungie on Monday night officially unveiled “The Taken King.”

The new expansion pits players — Guardians, in “Destiny” vernacular — against a demon called Oryx. Guardians should be somewhat familiar with Oryx at this point: his name was referenced many times in the first “Destiny” expansion, “The Dark Below,” and he’s the father of Crota, the main boss from that first expansion’s raid activity.

In “The Taken King,” Guardians will no longer be the ones hunting; they will be the ones hunted, instead, by the Hive King Oryx and his army of possessed beings.

Details are scarce on the actual storyline right now, but it sounds like players will play on some familiar territories, as well as some new areas like one of the rings of Saturn. And since there’s a big new threat on the horizon, Bungie is giving Guardians plenty of new firepower: Beyond new weapons and gear, including some awesome PlayStation exclusives like an exotic scout rifle called “The Jade Rabbit,” each Guardian class is finally going to get a new subclass: Titans will be able to wield flaming hammers, Hunters will be able to shoot arrows made of void energy, and Warlocks will be able to shoot lightning from their fingertips.

Check out these screens from the reveal trailer:


“Destiny: The Taken King” hits September 15. Pre-order it here.

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