Here's What's Inside The Limited Edition 'Destiny' Box Set

Destiny boxKirsten Acuna/Business InsiderThe ‘Destiny’ limited-edition box set is $US99.99.

“Destiny,” the next game from the creators of “Halo,” is out in stores Tuesday.

Review copies of the game were sent out Friday, and Activision and Bungie were nice enough to send us out a limited-edition box set.

We can’t play yet since game servers won’t be launched until Monday at 8 a.m. EST.

Until then, let’s unpackage this bad boy and see what’s inside.

Here it is! Since we checked out the 'Destiny' Alpha and Beta previews on the PlayStation 4, we'll be playing on there until we get it for the Xbox One.

Let's take that sleeve off. All limited editions will be the same regardless of what console you're playing on. Check out that 'Destiny' logo.

All right. Let's open this thing. See that little flap, there? Let's give it a tug.

'We are surrounded by darkness. We always have been. Perhaps that is why the traveller chose us. For even death cannot extinguish our light.' That's deep.

Shall we take a peek inside?

Tucked inside are the game and an old-looking book.

Here's one more view of them standing up.

Let's get to the game first, which is inside a SteelBook case.

I know. We don't want to wait until Monday, either.

Here's everything with the disc. Inside are vouchers for bonus digital content, early access to weapons and gear, and an expansion pass, which gives you access to extra story missions, co-op activities, multiplayer arenas, and even more weapons, armour, and gear.

Now, over to the book. It feels as old as it looks rustic.

It looks like there's a lot more than just a book. We'll flip through 'Arms and Armament' first.

The book breaks down weapons, ships, and characters in the game.

Handwritten notes throughout the pages poke fun at and mock the guide.

So it's fun to give a read through.

Sketches show off some concept art for the game.

What's on the other side of the booklet?

We have a range of items.

Here's the letter in full, inviting us to play.

A lot of the other stuff is unnecessary, but cool for diehard fans. There are a series of postcards from some of the planets in the game.

There's also a canvas that unfolds into a giant star chart mapping the different worlds to explore in the game. The parchment it's on has a really distinct smell.

Here's everything all together.

Until Monday!

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