'Destiny' is celebrating Halloween with awesome masks and cool new dance moves

“Destiny” fans have a few new surprises waiting for them when they boot up their consoles this week in celebration of Halloween.

When you visit the “Tower” social space, you’ll be treated to a new brief questline, which requires collecting candy from various places in the tower. Once you collect these items, you’ll be given a Treasure of the Lost mystery bag, which includes one guaranteed random Halloween mask and a slew of other possible contents, including more masks and cosmetic items.

Check out some of these masks. Most of these are based on “Destiny” characters and enemies.

Destiny halloweenReddit/SpaceeThis is a Skolas mask. Skolas was the main boss in the ‘Destiny: House of Wolves’ expansion.
Destiny halloweenReddit/SpaceeThis is an Eris Morn mask. Eris Morn is one of the main questgivers in ‘Destiny.’
Destiny halloweenReddit/SpaceeThis is the Traveller mask. The Traveller is the city-sized orb discovered on Mars that sparked the Golden Age of humanity, allowing people to colonize the solar system.

Some masks are just fun and goofy and not “Destiny”-related, like this Skull Mask:

Or this Tiger Mask:

But wait, that’s not all.

Masks aside, “Destiny” players are also celebrating three new Halloween-style dance moves, which are now available for purchase with Silver, “Destiny’s” new in-game currency introduced this month. We must admit, these are some pretty sweet moves.

Here’s “Boo”:

Here’s the “Monster Dance”:

And now the pièce de résistance, the “Zombie Dance”:

These sweet moves don’t come cheap, however. Since you need to spend actual dollars to attain Silver — $US5 gets you 500 Silver, $US10 gets you 1100 Silver, and $US20 gets you 2300 Silver — you’d need to spend $US5 on the “Boo” and “Monster Dance” emotes, and $US10 for the awesome “Zombie Dance” (you’ll have some Silver left over).

Luckily, you won’t have to spend any Silver to get those awesome masks, but you can actually spend Silver to buy more Treasure of the Lost mystery bags, which are guaranteed to include at least one mask. All you have to do is wear the mask that’s guaranteed with the first free Treasure of the Lost bag while killing enemies, which fills your “empty candy satchel.” Just keep killing enemies to fill up the bag and hand it in to get more masks!

Happy Halloween, Guardians!

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