The rarest and best weapon in 'Destiny' can be purchased today and tomorrow only, and fans are going nuts

If you own “Destiny” and you don’t have the elusive Gjallarhorn, it’s time to log into the game and buy one right now.

Visit the tower and you’ll find Xur selling his weekly wares in the hangar area, near the jukebox. Gjallarhorn costs just 17 strange coins, but hurry since Xur will be gone by Sunday morning.

Let’s back up for those unfamiliar with the smash hit game “Destiny.”

For those unfamiliar with Gjallarhorn, the exotic rocket launcher is one of the rarest and best weapons in “Destiny.” Gjallarhorn’s signature perk is something called “wolfpack rounds”: when your rocket hits an enemy, it splits into cluster missiles that hit the enemy again, essentially doing double damage.

Before now, it was extremely rare to get a Gjallarhorn. If you do a YouTube search for Gjallarhorn, you’ll find many videos of people recording their reactions when the weapon dropped for them as a random reward for completing certain activities. The gun was once sold soon after “Destiny” was released last September, but at that point, few players had farmed enough strange coins, a virtual currency in the game, to afford it, and even fewer people knew how good this weapon could be.

The Gjallarhorn has been a pain point for many players, who have poured hundreds of hours into “Destiny” and never had it drop for them. I know I was in that boat until about a month ago, when Gjallarhorn dropped for me at the end of a session.

So if you still don’t have the Gjallarhorn, go and get it! You’ll only have one month to use Gjallarhorn at its very best, as the gun is expected to be nerfed with next month’s release of “The Taken King” expansion.

Enjoy this video of a player who just bought a Gjallarhorn today — this is clearly how many “Destiny” players feel this weekend.

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