'Destiny' fans are furious they paid $20 for exclusive items that are basically worthless

Prior to last month’s release of “The Taken King,” the latest expansion in the ever-evolving world of “Destiny,” the game’s creator Bungie offered a handful of exclusive items that were unobtainable unless you paid an extra $US20 on top of the price of “The Taken King.”

These “Collector’s Edition” exclusive items included three cosmetic items that gave your character experience bonuses when worn, three “shaders” that change the colour of your armour, and three new dance moves.

Though players initially debated the $US20 value of these items, many fans ended up purchasing these extras. And they got burned for it.

Each of these exclusive items have their own set of issues, which could be easily fixed — or at the very least addressed — but Bungie has yet to take action.

The issues are as follows:

  • The three “class” items that gave your character bonus experience can’t be upgraded, making them essentially irrelevant. If you’re not familiar with the new levelling system in “Destiny,” any items you have in your inventory will be regularly outclassed by better, stronger items you find in the game, but you always have the option to upgrade your older, weaker items by “infusing” the stronger items into them. This infusion system doesn’t work for these three exclusive class items.
  • The three armour shaders can’t be switched among your characters. So, the new warlock shader doesn’t work with titans, and the titan shader doesn’t work with hunters, and so on. All other shaders in the game can be used by any character type.
  • The three new dance moves also can’t be switched among your characters, so warlocks can’t do the titan’s new dance move “Hammertime,” and so on. However, any other dance moves available for purchase can be used on any character type.

The most frustrating aspect about this — besides the fact that “Destiny” enticed its most dedicated players into purchasing premium items that are static and borderline useless — is the fact that these issues can be fixed with a software update, but that hasn’t happened yet.

This thread on the “Destiny” subreddit has over 500 comments from players and fans complaining about this issue. They call the Collector’s Edition items a “waste of money.” Many of them say “I will never buy anything similar to this again.” We can’t blame them.

We’ve reached out to Bungie and will update this story if we learn more.

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