The final 'Destiny' update will revamp all four of the game's incredible raids -- and the first one coming will have the most changes

“Destiny,” the first-person space shooter from original “Halo” makers Bungie, is about to get its very last update.

On March 28, Bungie will release one final gift for fans of its nearly three-year-old game, packaged in an event called “Age of Triumph.”

“Destiny” first launched on game consoles way back in September 2014, but as fans prepare for the full-game sequel expected to launch later this year, Age of Triumph is designed to let those players re-live their favourite memories from throughout the first three years of “Destiny,” which has gone through countless changes since its initial launch.

'Destiny' saw a massive improvement with 'The Taken King' expansion, which launched in September 2015.

Bungie has delivered on many of the 'Destiny' community's requests over the years, but if there's one perennial complaint from fans, it's that each new release of content means old content gets left behind. Essentially, old activities like the six-person raids don't give out new rewards, and the rewards given aren't viable in the current game -- they're too underpowered. So, with no good rewards, there's been no incentive to play those older raids -- and since most raids can take hours to complete, you really do want that gold star at the end.

The Vault of Glass was the first raid in 'Destiny,' and it's incredible, but it doesn't give out rewards that are viable in the current game. That will change in Age of Triumph.

Bungie, of course, originally wanted fans to play the new content, which meant de-emphasising the older stuff -- but now that 'Destiny' is officially at its end, the company is updating all of its activities from over the years so new and old players alike can enjoy everything 'Destiny 1' has to offer. That means all the old raids will give out brand-new rewards that longtime fans will probably want. Other activities in the game will dole out their specific rewards, as well.

Crota's End debuted in December 2014 as the second raid in 'Destiny,' but it hasn't been relevant to the current game until 2017's Age of Triumph.

When Age of Triumph drops on March 28, Bungie will begin a weekly rotation of raid challenges that rewards new and updated gear, with each of the four raids becoming the weekly 'challenge' throughout the month of April. The very first revamped raid to be featured in the weekly challenge will be Crota's End, a fast-paced raid originally introduced in the game's first paid expansion, 'The Dark Below.' But since that wasn't Destiny's first raid -- that would be the Vault of Glass, my personal favourite -- we asked Bungie why it chose Crota's End to be the first new featured raid in Age of Triumph.

'Crota has undergone probably the most changes as part of Age of Triumph, and that's why it's going first,' Bungie's community manager David Dague told Business Insider. 'We want to get those changes out there, we want to see what players have to say about that.'


There will be plenty to explore in Age of Triumph when it drops on March 28, including a new 13-page record book that gives out rewards for completed activities, plus even more special rewards for completing certain activities. Completing a certain number of activities in the record book can even get you a personalised t-shirt from Bungie, although you'll have to actually shell out money for it (price TBD).

You can learn more about Age of Triumph over on Bungie's blog.

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