Despite Ownership Concerns, Value Of The Dodgers Has Jumped A Whopping 75%

Los Angeles Dodgers

AP has released its annual list of the Major League Baseball franchise values.The biggest gainer is the one team that would appear to be operating under the darkest cloud, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According the list, in the past year, the Dodgers have jumped in value 75% to $1.4 billion. The New York Yankees remain baseball’s most valuable team at $1.85 billion, up 9% from the year before.

The big reason for the large jump in value for the Dodgers is their new television deal.

Only two teams saw their values drop in the past year. The Tampa Bay Rays fell from $331 million to $323 million, a drop of 2%. And the New York Mets had the biggest drop, going from $747 million to $719 million, a drop of 4%. The Oakland A’s are baseball’s least valuable team at $321 million.

Here are baseball’s top five most valuable teams…

  1. New York Yankees — $1.850 billion
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers — $1.400 billion
  3. Boston Red Sox — $1.000 billion
  4. Chicago Cubs — $0.879 billion
  5. Philadelphia Phillies — $0.723 billion

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