Despite Hiring A Managing Editor From Bloomberg, Facebook Is Not Starting A News Operation


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After we reported that Dan Fletcher, former social media director at Bloomberg, would be taking over as managing editor at Facebook, Zuck’s soon-to-be-$100-billion company followed up with us to elaborate on his position:”Dan will help manage Facebook’s own corporate communications channels, such as our Pages and blogs, which contain news and information about Facebook.”

The statement was in response to talk that Facebook might be looking to get into the news-gathering industry, either as a LinkedIn Today-type aggregator or otherwise.

As it appears, Fletcher will be handing original content about Facebook, produced internally.

The 24-year-old Fletcher is well known for being named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 media list as a “social media whiz kid who helps big news organisations wrap their heads around the future,” and in 2010, he became the youngest journalist to write a cover story for Time.