Desperate Writers Hire Spin Doctors: Too Little, Too Late?

The Hollywood writers won the first PR round of this self-defeating strike with some amusing YouTube videos. Then the studios responded by hiring professional spin doctors and leaving the bargaining table.

Now, the increasingly desperate writers, bludgeoned by the cessation of talks, defections by picket-line-crossing talk show hosts, and a bored public happy to just give up TV, have hired their own PR gurus: veteran Democratic political consultants Bill Carrick and Kam Kuwata.

Will a new PR offensive elicit sympathy from the “audience” and thus ramp up pressure on the studios? Unlikely. After a few annoying weeks of getting used to life without new TV shows, the audience is no longer listening.  The longer the strike goes on, the worse a deal the writers are likely to get. So the real job for Messrs. Carrick and Kuwata may be to figure out how to sell surrender as victory.

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