Desperate White House Sends Political Team To The Gulf, After Blowing It For The Past Three Months

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The Deepwater Horizon blew up on April 20. It’s now almost August.

Apparently it took nearly all this time for The White House to realise it was taking a beating over the politics of the situation, and that it ought to start getting head of the controversies.


The White House has quietly launched an effort to confront the political backlash along the Gulf Coast over its handling of the BP oil spill – giving special attention to Florida, the only state in the region President Barack Obama won in 2008 and one he will need again when he runs for re-election in 2012.


The White House dispatched political and communications aides to the Gulf Coast states on July 12, with Alabama and Mississippi each receiving one, sources familiar with the effort said. Some aides went to Louisiana. Florida received four.

Here’s the best line: “Someone recognised that all we were doing was playing defence,” an administration official said. The aides were sent to the Gulf Coast five days later.

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