Desperate Detroit Man Sets Up Website To Help Him Escape Detroit

detroit house

The website (via Detroit News) is probably one of the more depressing things we’ve seen in a long time.

Hi, my name is Sean, need your help. I live in Detroit. I am a skilled pipefitter, yet I am unemployed.Detroit’s unemployment rate is at a record 28.7 per cent. 1/3 of Detroiters live at or below the poverty line. Crime is rampant. My house has been burglarized 9 times. My car window was bust by a thief who I caught breaking into the house down the street. He did it when he was released from jail a few weeks after being arrested for the burglary. The houses on both sides of me are vacant. One is a crack house. There is open drug use at an epidemic level.Violence is out of control. Those of you that know me remember how beautiful the neighbourhood used to be. Now its too dangerous for me to even stay there.

So I am asking for your help. I am moving out of Detroit. I am also starting emt class. I cant find work in construction, so I my plan is to retrain. I don’t qualify for a grant for school , apparently, because I worked last year. So I have to pay out of my own pocket.

I found a program at Unitek College in Fremont CA, that costs $4230. If I take this course, I can work as an EMT as I study to become paramedic, then eventually take a bridge course to become an RN. I just need this small boost, then I can maintain on my own. I will work as an emt, then go to school for paramedic at night.

The way you can help is to donate $1.39. If I can get 4000 donations, I can pay for school and start on a path to a new career. I set up a secure Paypal account to allow you to donate. I really appreciate your assistance.  email: [email protected]

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