Desperate Dodd Holds Secret Fundraiser With Payday Lenders

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Of all the Senators facing reelection in 2010, Connecticut’s Chris Dodd is clearly the most vulnerable. He’s deep in the pocket of an industry (finance, hedge funds) that no  longer has the money to bankroll him, he’s tied to the AIG bonus brouhaha and he made a quixotic run for President that did not endear him to residents of his own state.

Desperate for funds, Dodd has now turned to the absolute dregs of the financial industry: payday lenders.

And what’s more, it appears that the fundraising event was designed to look like an industry dinner that members of the Online Lenders Assocation (OLA) just happened to be at.

HuffPo’s Arthur Delaney reports:

The dinner “is not an OLA event,” OLA spokeswoman Lisa McGreevy said in a subsequent phone interview. But the OLA agenda lists a Dodd dinner — was there a mixup?

“I don’t think there was any mixup,” she said. “There is a fundraiser tonight for Senator Dodd.”

McGreevy added: “There may be some OLA people there.”

When Dodd and Johnson arrived at the restaurant — Bistro Bis, near the Capitol — the Huffington Post said hello and asked about the fundraiser.

“Tim is hosting me,” Dodd said.

Does it have anything to do with the Online Lenders Alliance?

“Some people will be here from there,” Dodd said.

But it’s not an OLA event?


Here’s what the OLA’s agenda says:

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