This $6,000 desk lets you lie down while you work

The benefits and hazards of sitting or standing all day are up for debate  — but what if you could throw reclining into the equation and seamlessly alternate between the three?

Creators of the new Altwork Station, a workstation that allows users to sit, stand, and recline, believe this is the ultimate combination for workplace productivity.

“Most experts agree that humans should change positions and move throughout the day. We believe movement throughout the day is important,” California-based furniture design company Altwork writes on its website.

The desk sells for $US5,900 (but early adopters will pay $US4,900 or $US3,900 if they preorder). Magnets keep all your computer equipment in place, and it moves with you as you change positions. So even while you recline, your monitor and keyboard are proportionally placed for you to continue working.

It isn’t for everyone. The company targets “high intensity” computer users, which it defines as people who spend at least four hours a day in front of a computer and are required to focus on complex tasks for extended periods of time.

This is one of many unique alternative desks that have cropped up in recent years. From standing desks to treadmill desks and even bicycle desks, workers now have more options, but the jury’s out on whether these desks actually boost productivity. 

A possible benefit of the reclining desk? Plenty of research promotes the usefulness of an afternoon nap.

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