Tattoo artists reveal the designs they hate making the most

While people who have tattoos consider their ink to be unique, deeply personal expressions of who they are, those designs are commonplace for most tattoo artists. They get very familiar with the passing trends and hot fads, inevitably finding the tattoos they hate the most.

A bunch of tattoo artists revealed the designs they hate to make the most on a recent Reddit thread.

Cliche words

“Any combination of the following words: Dream, laugh, hope, love, live, dance. It’s like ‘build your own inspirational quote,'” Redditor houseofleopold wrote. “Yes, so inspiring on your foot.”


Cross tattoo


Redditor BriarrRose explained that they disliked making ugly crosses. “To me it’s a shame when people have bad taste in crosses. It’s such a simple thing that’s supposed to be meaningful yet some people can’t seem to get past the second page of Google Images.”

Infinity knots

Infinity Tattoo


“There are only so many ways you can make an infinity knot with words in it original. After the 100th one it gets a bit old,” wrote lunchboxink, who said they were sick of “hot pinterest tattoos.”

Generic phrases written in Asian scripts

Another artist, cunninglinguistician, wrote that they hated “generic deep phrase” written in an Asian script. “Because anything from Asia is automatically mystical and wise,” they joked.

“Saw a photo of an arm tattoo saying ‘火鸡三明治’ once that I really hope was fake,” they added.

In case you’re wondering, “火鸡三明治” means “turkey sandwich.”

Check out the entire thread here.

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