Designs Revealed For The Final Section Of New York's High Line Park

high line rendering

Photo: Friends of the High Line

Earlier this week, Friends of the High Line revealed the design plans for the final section of New York’s raised High Line park, which will run from 30th to 34th Streets along the city’s far west side.The final section will cost around $90 million to build and is expected to open in the spring of 2014, according to Friends of the High Line.

It will extend along the northern part of the railroad trestle that houses the rest of the park, which has opened in separate sections over the past few years.

The new renderings show the design team’s vision for the final section of the park, but the plans are not finalised.

The newest section of the park will run from 30th Street to 34th Street.

The landscape will be similar to the landscapes of the existing park, but with some additional features.

There are several design options for the spur at 30th and 10th. One calls for amphitheater-style seating.

Another would consist of an open gathering space surrounded by grass and wildflowers.

A proposed viewing space looking back onto the southern section of the park.

The design calls for a set of play beams for kids.

An interim walkway though the park's Western Rail Yards section.

Another proposed design for the interim walkway in the park.

An aerial view of the access staircase at 11th Avenue.

Some of the design features used throughout the park.

Feeling hungry after a morning at the High Line?

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