A Design Firm In Slovakia Is Turning Billboards Into Mini Houses [THE BRIEF]

A design firm out of Slovakia, Design Develop, is transforming billboards into mini homes that can be used as shelter for the homeless. The ads are part of a new initiative called The Gregory Project, Adweek reports. Design Develop’s website shows an inside look at the plans for the billboard homes, which look surprisingly cozy and well-decorated.

A “Buy now” button showed up on Twitter for the first time on Monday. Mashable reports that all of the buttons took users to a shopping website called Fancy.

The Media Rating Council adopted a new way to measure online video ads on Monday and many in the industry aren’t happy with the new standards. According to Adweek, brands will pay for ads when they are watched for a minimum of two seconds, basically not a lot of time to see much of anything.

Forbes looks at the increased presence of women at the Cannes Lions Festival this year. There was a 10% increase in the number of women on juries (up to 30%) and four women jury presidents, up from last year’s two.

Two former Grey executives, Rob Baiocco and Maureen Maldari, started their own “branding and content creation agency” located in Brooklyn called The BAM Connection. The agency’s clients include The American Heart Association, The American Stroke Association, and Terlato Wines, according to AgencySpy.

This year’s Cannes scandal involves media agency UM Australia. The people at UM say the agency never ran an award winning Panasonic ad. The print ads, which feature dogs sticking their heads out car windows, won a Silver Press Lions this year. A representative from the agency says that Panasonic or ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi may have booked media space, but there is no record of the ads ever running.

Levi’s launched its new “Live in Levi’s” campaign on Monday. According to The New York Times the campaign will include ads on TV and in movie theatres, prints ads, mobile ads, and much more attention to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Fox TV Stations reached an agreement with Nielsen on Monday to extend its contract with the rating company. Fox had previously discussed leaving Nielsen when its contract ended and using Rentrak, instead.

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