Designers are imagining what an Apple Car might look like, with some awesome results

Apple is getting serious about cars.

The tech giant is exploring development of its own electric car, and shareholders have even been urging Tim Cook to look at buying Tesla.

Freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace has jumped on the opportunity to find out just what people think this new Apple car would look like.

In February it started a contest called the Titan Project to create the most innovative design for the Apple electric car.

So far it has attracted 135 entries that range from the amazing and amusing to downright weird.

Here are some of our favourites.

Entry #28 from redahaidour is a fast-looking design with blue back lights and futuristic-looking wheels.

Entry #38 from majick103 is a beautiful, sleek shape resembling standard Apple design features.

Entry #115 from GurMaster looks like the ultimate suburban ute for work and play.

Entry #97 from GraphiteLines has sleek lines and an awesome glass roof that would enable 360 degree viewing.

Entry #55 from gauravvermacse looks like it three-wheeled, one-man vehicle. Maybe not practical but definitely cool.

Entry #108 by alastaircrewe is called iBuggy and was inspired by the original iMac.

Entry #129 from mi1en reminds us of the gold iPhone but we’re not quite sure how you’d get in.

Entry #100 from maximchernysh has the Apple logo on the wheels which look like they might light up the an Apple laptop.

Entry #110 from MSabor16 has designed a futuristic mini-van, the same model Apple is rumoured to be thinking about.

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