5 design trends celebrities love that interior designers hate

asbe/Getty ImagesCelebrities often gravitate toward a cold decor style that interior designers don’t like for a domestic space.
  • Celebrity home decor can be a point of inspiration for many, which is why seeing inside their homes is such a thrill for fans.
  • But celebrities also make design choices that professionals aren’t always a fan of.
  • Insider spoke to interior designers about the celebrity design trends they hate most.
  • An industrial aesthetic in the home sphere and accent walls are among their least favourite celebrity trends.
  • Celebrities also gravitate toward a monochromatic and minimalist interior, but designers say this can make a space feel less homey.
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Celebrity home decor has long fascinated people, with shows like “MTV Cribs” and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” captivating audiences for years.

Vogue/YouTubeKim Kardashian West showed off her home in a video for Vogue.

In fact, part of the appeal of celebrity-focused reality shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is seeing what a star’s home is like on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, fans were thrilled when they got to see what Kim Kardashian West’s home looks like in a video for Vogue’s “73 Questions” series.

Despite their popularity, interior designers don’t always love the way celebrities decorate their homes.

Vogue/YouTubeKardashian West describes her home as a ‘minimal monastery.’

Some celebrities focus on creating a space that looks cool rather than one that feels comfortable in designers’ opinions.

For example, Kardashian West’s self-described “minimal monastery” home, which is both minimalist and monochromatic, wouldn’t be every designer’s cup of tea.

Monochromatic colour schemes are popular among celebrities, but this can make a space feel less homey.

Tom Merton/Getty ImagesMonochromatic designs can make a space look boring.

“The best way to make a room feel homey is to add layering, texture, handmade pieces, and warm woods,” said Kathy Anderson, owner and founder of the luxury interior design firm, Anderson Design Studio.

“Pattern mixing and maximalism is taking the place of minimalism,” Anderson told Insider.

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty ImagesMaximalism is replacing minimalism in the design sphere.

Instead of the cool, sleek look of minimalist design, experts are now leaning toward the colourful and plentiful.

“It’s timeless to use books and collected items that are meaningful to the client to accessorize and bring a sense of personality to the home,” Anderson added.

Many celebrities gravitate toward industrial aesthetics in their homes, using things like Edison Bulbs, which can make a space look too harsh.

asbe/Getty ImagesIndustrial materials in a home can make a space look cold.

“This look is very cool and great for commercial spaces,” Anderson said of industrial materials.

“However, in a celebrity home, we want softness, luxury, rich fabrics, textures, and statement furniture pieces,” she went on to say.

Likewise, accent walls are a popular trend that designers can find alienating.

Photographee.eu/ShutterstockDesigner Leanne Ford doesn’t like accent walls for home spaces.

“I can’t get into an accent wall,” interior designer and HGTV star Leanne Ford told Insider.

An accent wall would work in a professional space, but in a home, it can look disruptive rather than welcoming.

The designers also said cool grey shades can make a space look dark and dull.

John Keeble/Getty ImagesThis colour scheme can feel too cold.

Bright colours might be a better choice for a home space rather than muted grey, as they will feel more welcoming.

The grey colour scheme has “already started to go out, and we’re happy about it,” Anderson said, speaking for her firm. “Bring on the colour!”

And Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, cofounders of Madcap Cottage, added that they don’t like it when celebrities present themselves as design experts.

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty ImagesMixing texture and colour can make a space feel homey.

“We don’t like when folks jump into the design business when they have no background whatsoever in design,” the design team explained.

Although many celebrities work with designers, they usually aren’t experts in the field, which is important to remember as you think about what to do with your own space.

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