DEVELOPERS: Pieceable Will Let You Try iOS Apps From Your Web Browser

Pieceable Viewer

[credit provider=”Pieceable”]

What originally began as an app that builds apps, Pieceable ran into production troubles (with App Store regulators, among other things) and decided to launch an online previewing interface to demo your apps before the real deal comes out.Despite setbacks, the Pieceable application is currently in private beta, but the Piecable Viewer is an amazing way to preview your completed or developing apps from the comfort of your browser.

There’s no need to rewrite your app to preview it and share it with others online. Simply build your app for the Pieceable simulator using a line of code described here and upload it to Pieceable. 

Pieceable will notify you when the app is ready to be viewed online. The basic service costs $30.00/month to preview five apps, but only three people can view them at a time. The free version lets you test out one app, but only for an hour.

According to Pieceable’s Twitter feed, over 38,000 apps have been previewed in the last 15 hours.

One note from the developer is that UIKit-based apps work best, while OpenGL and MapView-based apps will run but not render OpenGL or MapView content.

Once the Pieceable application itself is released, you’ll be able to create iOS apps without any programming knowledge. All you need is a great idea and the will to succeed. Using tons of pre-built components from Pieceable, you can drag and drop a functional app into existence faster and cheaper than from anybody else.

(Via TNW)