Descent Into Madness: How NDAA And Police State Brutality Are Destroying A Generation

I’ll keep this article brief. The videos speak for themselves.

Exhibit 3: Demoralized, smoking, nervous — Lauren DiGioia, who was arrested for protesting NDAA at New York’s Grand Central Station and HANDCUFFED FOR 26 HOURS, IN ADDITION TO BEING DENIED ACCESS TO A LAWYER OR PHONE CALL, speaks about her experience:

Exhibit 2: Her arrest. What crime does she commit, other than warning the public about NDAA? (If you don’t already know, this is the controversial bill President Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve. Provisions within the NDAA allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens on US soil, without access to a trial or attorney. It’s a disgrace to the founding fathers, to our nation’s rule of law, and to every soldier who has given his or her life to protect our way of life. Many, even liberal Democrats, are now calling for Obama’s impeachment, and the recall of Congressional leaders who crammed this bill through.)

Exhibit 1: A youthful, idealistic citizen interested in promoting discussion of greed, inequity, social injustice. You don’t notice that same idealism and inherent trust in the most recent video, do you? This is the fear and gradual degradation that a police state brings about.

UPDATE 1:20am ET: This has been brought to my attention. It seems abundantly relevant. From Gothamist: “Digioia was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Kamel [her boyfriend], a student at the University of Amherst who has been participating in Occupy Wall Street since October 15th, was advised by his attorney not to comment on his charges, but he confirmed they were misdemeanours. He also told us he was bitten by a K9 Unit police dog after he was already in custody.”

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