Derrick Rose Has Been Cleared To Play For 55 Days, But There's Still No Sign He's Coming Back

Derrick Rose

The Bulls lost their second straight game to the Nets last night and now face a winner-take-all game seven. Like the first six games of the series, Derrick Rose is not expected to be in the lineup.

During the regular season it was trendy to defend Rose’s decision to not play following surgery for a torn ACL, noting that only he knew how his body really felt and that he needed to be ready both physically and mentally.

But it has now been 55 days since Rose’s doctor cleared him to play. His teammates are in a battle with their season on the line and at some point we have to start wondering if Rose even wants to be out there.

Nate Robinson is throwing up on the sideline. Joakim Noah is playing with a debilitating foot injury. David Lee returned to the Golden State Warriors just 12 days after tearing his hip flexor, an injury that was supposed to end his season.

And a healthy Derrick Rose is still in his suit.

Rose’s brother told the Chicago Tribune that Rose could return to action in a second round series against the Heat, noting that Rose’s mind still isn’t 100% yet.

In other words, something magical may happen to Rose in the days between game seven against the Nets and game one against the Heat that can’t happen before Saturday’s tip-off. That can’t sit well with Bulls fans.

It was trendy to defend Rose from sitting out. But it is getting harder and harder to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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