Bizarre And Sad Video Of Derrick Rose Breaking Down In Tears At His Sneaker Launch

Derrick Rose broke down in tears at the launch of his new Adidas sneaker in Chicago yesterday.

The moment came after they showed an emotional video of Rose’s rehabilitation from an ACL tear. Here’s what he said, fighting back tears (via Pro Basketball Talk):

“It’s truly a blessing. With all of the stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood has got something positive going on. That makes me feel so good. This shoe is great; all this is great. But I can’t explain this. I can’t.  I went through so much. To have, like, true fans, that means a lot to me. And I know it means a lot to my family, because we’re not supposed to be here. At all. But God made the way.”

For a big NBA star, Rose is a bit of a recluse. He doesn’t dress flashy or do a ton of media, and a GQ profile of him earlier this year described as a relatively lonely guy who feels trapped by fame.

But this video is still crushing and odd to watch (the break down comes 50 seconds in):

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