The New York/New Jersey Arms Race Begins, Nets Land Deron Williams

deron williams utah jazz nba

Photo: AP

The Nets missed out on their top target in Carmelo Anthony, but they made an equally impactful move this morning by swiping Deron Williams from Utah.New Jersey sent most of the key pieces from its proposed ‘Melo deal to Utah, and ended up with its own young superstar, one that the Knicks were hoping to add next summer to complete their Big Three.

Better yet, assuming Williams signs an extension with the Nets, they’ve secured the superstar that they can build their franchise around in Brooklyn. 

This move seemingly came out of nowhere, as the Nets were expected to deal Devin Harris to Portland or Dallas today.  Instead, they sent Harris, Derrick favours, and two first round picks to the Jazz, while also moving Troy Murphy to Golden State as part of the three-team deal.

So even though the Nets appeared to have been out-maneuvered by the Knicks, New Jersey clearly had a backup plan all along. 

Cap space is a problem for the Knicks, but it’s becoming clear that we’re seeing the beginning of an arms race between the Hudson River neighbours.

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