This New Panoramic Camera App Is Picking Up Steam In Silicon Valley

dermandar 1

Silicon Valley can never have too many photo-sharing apps.

Now one of the latest trending apps is Dermandar’s DMD Panorama, a photo-sharing application that rapidly takes panoramic shots of your surroundings.

It’s available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

It’s one of the fastest panoramic photo apps we’ve seen, stitching together a 360-degree shot in about 20 seconds.

It’s also one of the slickest interfaces we’ve seen, and has a good sense of where to stitch photos together to get a full shot.

If you’re a camera enthusiast, the app is free for now, and it’s worth checking out. We’ve included a full walkthrough below.

Here we go! You have to hold your camera vertically, because that's how it takes photos.

You can add a flash or adjust the focus, like any camera app.

Once it's vertical, it'll take the first shot

As you move the camera to the left, the little yin and yang symbols on the top will get closer. When they line up...

... it takes a photo!

You keep going until you take a full 360-degree panoramic shot.

Here's the final result — a high-quality image that's a full 360 degree panorama. It's automatically saved to your camera roll.

Like other photo-sharing applications, you prepare it for sharing on Dermandar's internal network.

First, throw on some tags and give it a name.

You can also share it to a number of other networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

It'll pop up on the stream of latest panoramic shots after it goes up.

You can also check out some of the most popular shots on the app right now — some of them have been seen tens of thousands of times.

The camera quality is pretty good — it does a good job stitching together photos, even when there's a lot of action happening — like moving waves...

...or big crowds moving around in the street.

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