People Are Speculating That Derek Jeter Is Engaged To Model Hannah Davis

The New York Daily News has published a photo of Derek Jeter and his model girlfriend, Hannah Davis, in which she is wearing a large diamond on her left ring finger.

So is sports’ biggest bachelor finally off the market?

Well, a closer look at the ring raises the question of whether it is indeed an engagement ring, or just a fashion statement.

The Daily News published a picture of Jeter and Davis leaving a Manhattan Starbucks. They also zoomed in to show a blurry ring on Davis’ ring finger that they describe as “just a bit smaller than a catcher’s mitt.”

However, here is Davis at a MOMA event just two weeks ago wearing the same ring. Not only is she wearing the ring backwards as compared to the Daily News picture, but a clearer image of the ring shows that it does not look like a classic engagement and instead looks like a ring with an elaborate wrap design and made up of numerous small diamonds.

Of course, it could still be an engagement ring, but this image is less convincing than what the Daily News would like us to think…

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