Derek Jeter Wants To Be The Next George Steinbrenner

Derek Jeter already has his eyes set on becoming an owner of a Major League Baseball franchise when he retires and he doesn’t just want to be an investor.

In a recent interview with Jack Curry of the Yes Network, Jeter called owning a team “the next ultimate goal,” and that he wants to be the guy “that calls the shots.”

Specifically, Jeter said he would like to be an owner like the late George Steinbrenner, whom Jeter played under for 16 seasons.

“I learned a lot from [Steinbrenner] on how to run an organisation,” said Jeter. “I would like [to be like Steinbrenner]. I thought he, in my opinion, I’m a little biased obviously, but I feel he was the best owner in all of sports.”

Jeter, who has made $US253.2 million in salaries on the field is unlikely to ever become the owner of the Yankees. However, his home in Tampa, Florida is only 25 miles from Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays, and even closer to the downtown Tampa area, one of the potential locations for a new Rays stadium.

The Rays were recently valued at $US451 million by

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