A New Book Paints An Unflattering Picture Of Derek Jeter

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

A new biography of New York Yankee Derek Jeter paints a somewhat unflattering portrait of the one of the most beloved figures in baseball.

Ian O’Connor’s book titled “The Captain” will hit the shelves in May, but juicy bits from the books are already hitting the tabloids.

A big focus of the book delves into Jeter’s frosty relationship with Alex Rodriguez, who was a close friend a mutual jealousy led to a falling out. Things became even more tense when A-Rod became a Yankee himself and Jeter refused to support his teammate.

The book also discusses his most recent contract negotiations, disagreements with GM Brian Cashman, and Jeter’s apparent shock whenever receiving any sort of criticism from the organisation.

The book doesn’t always show A-Rod in a positive light either, but this is the first time a prominent piece of journalism picked apart Jeter’s aura. Jeter has already commented on the situation stating that he had nothing to do with its creation.

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