The New York Post's 'Never Before Seen' Photos Of Derek Jeter's $18-Million Apartment Were On Our Website Last Year

The New York Post got ahold of some never-before-seen pictures of Derek Jeter’s awesome Upper East Side bachelor pad today.

The only problem is that you’ve seen them before, more or less. On this website. 15 months ago.

In January 2011 we did a slideshow of “before and after” shots of Jeter’s $20-million apartment. The “before” shots came from the original real estate listing, and the “after” shots came from an updated listing that appeared on Trump World Tower’s official website.

The listing has since been taken down, but here’s one of the shots:

trump penthouse

Photo: Trump World Tower

And here’s the Post big exclusive today:

derek jeter's apartment in new york city


To be fair, the photos are technically different than the ones in the Trump listing from last year. The were taken at a different time of the day. The picture above, for instance, has “exclusive” rays of sunlight on the carpet.

Here’s another:

trump penthouse

Photo: Trump World Tower

And the Post:

new york post article on derek jeter apartment


As you can see, Jeter moved his telescope to the window at some point in the last 15 months.

Take A Full Tour Of Jeter’s $18-Million Bachelor Pad Here >

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