Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez scrape through a painfully awkward interview where they were asked about their relationship, love lives, and buying the Marlins

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez did a joint interview with CNBC’s Bob Pisani on Tuesday to discuss their charity work at the BTIG Charity Day.

The interview almost immediately got awkward, however, when Pisani noted right away that the two former players, who used to have a contentious relationship, seemed to greet each other warmly.

“This is a treat to see you guys together,” Pisani said. “Since you both hung up the jerseys, you guys are friends now?”

Rodriguez said, “Shortstop, third base. This is exactly how we were back in the day.” Pisani continued, saying, “The press made a little thing about the back and forth between you two, was that real or serious ever?”

Jeter responded, “You are bringing up stories from about 20 years ago, huh?” Rodriguez joked, “This is the History Channel.”

After a few remarks about their respective charities, Pisani asked Rodriguez about attending the Met Gala with Jennifer Lopez, his girlfriend. Rodriguez turned to Jeter and said “Wow,” as Jeter asked what channel they were on. “E Channel,” Rodriguez quipped.

Jeter seemed to quickly lose patience after Pisani asked about Jeter’s reported bid with Jeb Bush to buy the Miami Marlins.

“There’s absolutely nothing to add to that,” Jeter said. “I think media’s ran with a story, but there’s nothing to add. We’re here today for the BTIG Charity Day.” When Pisani pressed on, saying $US1.3 billion is a big price tag to buy the Marlins, Jeter continued, “Like I said, we’re here for the charity event today and not here to talk about anything else.”

After a brief discussion about potential changes to speed up baseball, Pisani asked Jeter if he was at the Met Gala. Rodriguez responded, looking at Jeter, “E Channel.”

Watch the interview below:

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