German paper photoshops Chancellor Angela Merkel with a bunch of Nazis

One of Europe’s largest news magazines published a shocking juxtaposed photo of Germany’s Angela Merkel standing with Nazi’s in front of ancient ruins in Greece.

Under the headline, “How Europeans look at the Germans — The German Superiority,” Der Spiegel’s lead article explains the messy and intertwined finances between Germany and Greece due to war reparations caused by Nazi occupation in 1941.

According to the article, the Athenian Treasury compiled an 194-paged report outlining the amount of money Greece should receive in reparations amid a massive euro-bailout brokered by Merkel and Germany’s veteran Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Greece wants approximately 11 billion euros for a 3-day massacre in the Distomo, Greece.

“To date we have not even heard an apology,” Loukas Zisis, deputy mayor of Distomo told Der Spiegel.

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