Deposition Videos You Have To See To Believe

Texas Deposition

Most depositions are very dry. Some, however, get a bit out of hand.

As an initial matter, let us warn that the language in several of these is not safe for work. Or children. Or anyone with any sort of delicate sensibilities. (Disclosure: we closed our eyes and ears at certain points.)

These deposition videos have been passed around from lawyer inbox to lawyer inbox for years, and the advent of YouTube kept their spirit alive.

Really, they need little introduction. Enjoy. Be amazed at how tough some deponents can be. Be appalled by the legal community. Or just be shocked some of these actually happened.


One Man Wears A Mask And All Hell Breaks Loose

Larry Flynt Will Not Cooperate (Hustler Magaine v. Falwell)

She may have been the president, but she didn't know about the loan or the man who gave it to her.

Bill Gates is not an easy deponent. (YouTube Greatest Hits)

Legendary Joe Jamail fights the deponent and a room full of lawyers.

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