It's Official: Reliance On Government Is At Staggering Levels Throughout The Entire Economy

Govt Dependence Highest

Photo: Heritage Foundation

Conservative think tank Heritage keeps an index to measure America’s dependence on the government.That index just reached an all-time high.

Conservative or no, it’s hard to deny this conclusion. Parts of the index include health care and welfare, housing support and spending on retirement, education and agriculture.

Housing support jumped 15% last year -- and will surge even more in 2010 and 2011

Medicare costs grew 126% in the past 10 years -- and this will also keep growing, reform or no

Even worse, Medicaid spending is up 139%

Welfare spending hit the fan in 2009 -- jumping nearly 25%

The Retirement Boom is just getting started

Education spending is much higher than previous decades

Likewise, farm subsidies this decade are higher than ever

Here's where the dependency index comes from: the prime mover was Health and Welfare

The dependent population decreased in the 90s, but it's heading back up

The 'dependent population' gets even higher when you include government workers -- 29%

While the national unemployment rate jumped from 5.8% to 9.3% during the recession, government employment went the opposite way, with the number of federal workers actually growing by 2.2%

Now get ready for dependence to keep growing...

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