Yale Is No Longer Being Investigated After 'No Means Yes' Frat Scandal

Richard Levin yaleYale President Richard Levin

Yale no longer faces a sexual harassment probe stemming from allegations that frat pledges shouted sexual chants outside the university’s Women’s centre.The Department of Education began investigating the school in March 2011 under the banner of Title IX, after fraternity pledges stood outside the Women’s centre and chanted “No Means Yes,” Bloomberg News reported Saturday.

The federal law Title IX bars sex discrimination in schools.

The DOE also stated the school didn’t properly report and maintain records on harassment and didn’t inform students about helpful resources available, according to Bloomberg.

But the department recently declared it found nothing indicating noncompliance with the law, The Yale Herald reported. The finding comes after a settlement with the university, in which Yale was not fined. 

In an email to Yale students, President Richard Levin told students that despite the DOE’s findings, Yale’s “work is by no means done.”

The university has agreed with the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights that it must maintain its improvements in programs addressing sexual misconduct.

Those efforts include creating a new Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education centre, as well as a committee to monitor “campus climate,” Bloomberg reported.

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