Deontay Wilder has called Anthony Joshua's bluff with a massive $50 million fight offer -- but there are 4 reasons it could get rejected

Getty ImagesDeontay Wilder.
  • Deontay Wilder has called Anthony Joshua’s bluff and offered the British boxer $US50 million to fight.
  • The fight must take place between September and December, at a venue of Wilder’s choosing.
  • If Joshua accepts, he is guaranteed to earn $US50 million – but could make substantially more if the bout is a box office success.
  • The offer has given Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn plenty to think about, but there are four big reasons why they may still reject a deal.

Deontay Wilder has called Anthony Joshua’s bluff by offering the British boxer $US50 million to fight – but Joshua and his team still have four reasons to reject the deal.

Wilder emailed his offer to Joshua, Matchroom Sports promoter Eddie Hearn, and Joshua’s boxing coach Rob McCracken. The offer is a guarantee Joshua will earn $US50 million, but the WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight world champion could make substantially more if the bout proves to be a big box office success.

It’s not the first time the two fighters have exchanged an offer. Earlier this month hard-hitting American Wilder laughed off a $US12.5 million bid to fight Joshua, calling him “a joke” and insulting him further on social media.

With negotiations seemingly at an impasse, Joshua told Wilder’s team to bring him “$US50 million up front” in an interview with YouTube boxing channel IFL TV.

So, much to the boxing industry’s surprise, Wilder did precisely that on Wednesday evening. The 32-year-old even posted a video on his Instagram account to confirm the email offer.

“Anthony, get with your man Eddie Hearn because I’ve got something special for you,” Wilder, the WBC heavyweight boxing champion, said. “All the money is in the bag and I expect you to be a man of your word.”

The bout must be scheduled between September and December this year and would take place at a venue of Wilder’s choosing.

Wilder representative Lou DiBella clarified the intracacies of the deal on Boxing Scene. “We’re taking all of the risk – $US50 million against 50 per cent,” DiBella said. “If the fight does $US40 million then [Joshua] still gets $US50 million. If it does $US200 million, he gets $US100 million. It’s $US50 million guaranteed.

“Let’s see who wants to make the fight. We’re trying to make the biggest fight of this generation – that’s what this is. We’re not undervaluing his guy. We’ve made an incredibly aggressive and fair offer.”

Anthony JoshuaGetty ImagesAnthony Joshua.

DiBella may regard the offer to be aggressive and fair, but there are four reasons why it could still get rejected by Joshua and Hearn.

In a tweet, talkSPORT boxing journalist Michael Benson said Hearn will only consider the offer if the following critera is met:

  1. The money is secure (Can Wilder’s team prove they have a $US50 million fee to guarantee?)
  2. They receive a contract (Will Wilder’s team follow up the email offer with a legitimate contract that reveals all the details in full?)
  3. The venue is revealed (Where will the fight take place? Joshua and Hearn prefer fighting in UK stadiums)
  4. They can honour Joshua’s existing rights deals(Joshua and Hearn’s broadcaster has long been Sky Sports)

Speaking to Sky Sports, Hearn said: “With all due respect to Deontay Wilder, I don’t believe he has $US50 million. However, if they actually send some formal paperwork and a contract along with further details on how this money will be secured, we will definitely have to take this seriously.”

Regardless, the offer and any counter offer will all be discussed when Hearn meets Wilder’s management on Friday.

Only then will we find out whether or not we have a fight.

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