3 NBA Players Flopped At Once In The Nuggets-Kings Game

The NBA has tried its best to curb the flopping epidemic in games over the last three years, listening to the complaints of players, coaches, and fans alike that it’s an unfair, deceitful part of the game.

Unfortunately, despite levying fines against players when the league reviews fouls that are later deemed flops, players continue to exaggerate contact to give their teams any edge they can.

Monday night, the Sacramento Kings and Denver Nuggets executed — perhaps for the first time ever — the triple flop.

Watch the Kings’ Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins come together with the Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried, make the slightest bit of contact, and then fall over like bowling pins.

The contact is so minimal and so exaggerated that it almost looks like it was planned.

The crown used to be held by Manu Ginobili and Raja Bell for the worst double flop, but this may surpass it as the greatest/worst ever.