Denver Broncos Kicker Lived Out Of A Hotel For Five Years Before Landing Huge Contract

Matt Prater

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The Denver Broncos turned heads this week when they signed kicker Matt Prater to a four-year, $13 million dollar contract that includes a $3 million dollar signing bonus.The contract makes Prater the fifth highest-paid kicker in the NFL, despite the fact that his field goal percentage last season, 76%, was tied for 26th best in the league.

With the money, Prater can finally settle down in Denver after starting his career in Atlanta. On 102.3 The Fan in Denver, Prater revealed he’s been living out of a hotel for the last 5 years, because his short contracts had him worried he might have to move at any time.

We’re not sure how cost-effective that plan was, but at least now he’s got enough to buy a mansion.

(via Sports Radio Interviews)

“I’m actually in the process of looking for a condo or townhouse, because I’ve actually lived in a hotel for the last five years. So I’m excited about moving out of the hotel. I bought a house in Florida a couple years ago and just out here [in Denver], it was real convenient for me. I was going two years in a row on a one-year deal so I didn’t want to buy a place and have to move.”