Report: Tony Romo still wants to play for the Denver Broncos but they are not interested

The Dallas Cowboys’ “No. 1 priority this offseason” is going to be trading Tony Romo, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, however, that may not be as easy as originally thought.

With the emergence of Dak Prescott this season, speculation began on where Romo would play next season, if he decides to play at all.

In November, Rapoport reported that if Romo does not retire, his top choice would be a trade to the Denver Broncos. However, that now looks like it won’t happen.

“It’s no secret, his No. 1 spot would be the Denver Broncos,” Rapoport said Sunday on the NFL Network. “But from what I understand, that is not something the Broncos would be inclined to do.”

Romo still has three years and $54 million left on his contract. He is also scheduled to take up $24-25 million of space against the salary cap in each of those seasons. Any team that does trade for Romo would almost certainly want to renegotiate his contract.

According to the report, the Cowboys would prefer to trade Romo to a championship-calibre team.

“They are going to want to take care of him and make sure to send him to somewhere that can compete for championships” Rapoport said.

However, that is seemingly more difficult without the Broncos on the table. Other teams mentioned as possibilities were the Buffalo Bills, the Chicago Bears, and the Houston Texans.

Rapoport also noted that retirement “is still a possibility” and that Romo does not want to be a backup on the Cowboys.

If Romo can’t play for the Broncos next season, it would seem that the chances we never see Romo play again have just gone up.

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