Blog Mogul Denton's Reward To Valleywag Drones: 33% Pay Cut

Earlier this week Valleywag writer Jordan Golson complained, on Valleywag, that his pay rate had been changed, but that his cruel and despotic owner hadn’t told him what the new rate was. Now he knows: He’s getting a 33% cut.

The backstory: This year Gawker Media boss Nick Denton changed his comp structure, and began paying writers based on the number of page views they generated rather than the number of posts they wrote. Writers are paid a base salary until they hit a certain number of page views; after that they’re paid for every thousand page views they make.

Each of Denton’s sites has different rate structure: At Valleywag, Golson and his fellow page-view makers had been making $9.75 for every thousand views. But as of this week, that rate’s been cut to $6.50. We’re told fellow Valleywag scribe Paul Boutin has a clever post running in a few minutes, so we’ll link to that when it runs rather than writing more ourselves. That seems easier.


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